Precisamos de ti, Participa!


We present to the Portuguese society a new political project, with the objective of forming a party, in full right, to be a real alternative to the policies that are not working.

Meet the people who make up the Democratas Installment Commission:


Igor Caldeira holds a degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Member of LYMEC (European Liberal Youth) since 2008, he was a delegate in 2010-2012, member of the board in 2012-2014 and Secretary General in 2014-2016. He is currently a financial manager in a European non-profit association, the European representative at the IFLRY (World Federation of Liberals Youth) and the Treasurer of the ELF (European Liberal Forum, political foundation of the European Liberal Party).


Jaime Pignatelli is 20 years old and is originally from Cascais although today he lives in Madrid. Currently pursuing a double degree of on Business and Law at IE University since 2014, when he met ALDE and became an individual member. He is Co-Founder of the Political Think Tank IEU, an university association that promotes political conversations on international diplomacy. He wrote a book of chronicles named “Cru” published by Chiado Editora.


José Rodrigues holds a degree in European Studies. Linked to the associative movement, he is responsible for several associations in the area of local development and social innovation. He is also a member of several European associations. Professionally he works in the area of management of communication systems.


Luis Menezes, 38, lives in Seixal and is married. Defines itself as a problem solver. He has an academic degree in Visual Design (Licenciatura) and in Strategic Management of Public Relations (Post-Graduation). For more than a decade he has been connected to the professional associativism, in the area of design. He has held positions in some political organizations and is currently one of the coordinators of the individual members of the ALDE party in Portugal.


Miguel Duarte, 39, lives in Lisbon, married to a Portuguese-Turkish citizen with one child. Has an academic degree in Business Management (Licenciatura) and Management of Information Systems (Masters). He has lived in the UK and loves to know the world, considering himself a citizen of the same. From an early age he became involved in associativism, as a student leader, in nature conservation associations and in projects in the political field, including in elected bodies at European level. Professionally works at present in the area of project management information system.


RICARDO SILVESTRE lives in Lisbon. He graduated in Sports Sciences, got a Masters in Exercise and Health and a PhD in Exercise Physiology at the University of Connecticut. Even before his passage through the United States, where he “became a Democrat”, he was already asking about the possibility of forming a Liberal and Democrat party in Portugal. Upon his return to the country of origin, he became an Individual Member of the ALDE Party and helped to create the movement for the formation of the political project Democrats.
He sees himself as a liberal, a progressive and a democrat, and also as a Portuguese, a European, and a Citizen of the World.


Precisamos de ti, Participa!