Precisamos de ti, Participa!


We, the Democratas, are willing to initiate a party platform for Portugal turned to its citizens, pragmatical and based on facts that puts Portugal on its way to needed reforms.

Our political agenda is based in five main values:

    We are concerned about our long-term future and not only about the “short-termism” turned to the next elections. We are looking for an economical dynamism, environmental equilibrium and continuity of our systems of social support;
    We want to strengthen the rights of citizens to determine themselves according to their own patterns and morals and not by the ones defined by other individuals, organizations or the State. We want to have a more participative democracy where citizens can actively cooperate;
    A society has to constantly develop and innovate in order to create conditions that answer the concerns of its citizens. This should be done at civil society level, promoting the entrepreneurship, as well as State level, which should obstruct this the least possible;
    One of the greatest current discomforts of our citizens is the existing corruption on State level. We are looking to implement a more transparent and respectful of ethical standards way of doing politics and of acting as a State;
    We are citizens of the World. We believe in a World free of political barriers, where free circulation of people, goods and services is the normal rule and not the exception to it.

Precisamos de ti, Participa!