Podcast with Amy Kraushaar from Democrats Abroad Portugal

In the podcast 06 of DemsVox, Ricardo Silvestre speaks with Amy Kraushaar, of the Democrats Abroad Portugal.

Amy talks to us about her political career, the work she does in Democrats Abroad Portugal, and what is the role of Dems Abroad PT.


To visit the site dos Dems Abroad PT go here, and the Facebook page can be found here

To hear the podcast go here.

To hear the podcast on Soundcloud, go here.


Round Table Ralf Dahrendorf in Lisbon

r2The Democratas will be present at a Ralf Dahrendorf roundtable, organized by the European Liberal Forum, with the help of the Social Liberal Movement in Portugal.

It will be held in Lisbon this Saturday, 11th, at the Hotel Sana Reno in Lisbon.

The theme of the Round Table is exactly what is needed, at this time, in Portugal.


The program can be found here, and includes lectures by representatives of Ciudadanos (Spain), the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany) and NEOS (Austria), who will share successful models in promoting an idea, an ideal, a political force in the area of liberalism and democracy.

To subscribe, visit this link. There are already few spaces available as such if you want to go, do not leave for later to sign up.

Europe needs to defend itself from a dangerous President

backAs we continue to see the disaster taking place on the other side of the Atlantic, we want to propose an article from the Editorial team of Der Spiegel, the well-known German magazine.

And the question is: America once saved Europe from Germany, could it be Germany to now save Europe from America?

“The United States president is becoming a danger to the world. It is time for Germany and Europe to prepare their political and economic defenses.”

The article can be found here.

“Trump and its Administration, what to expect in the coming years”

pic post Trump demsptWe leave here two talks from the “Trump and its Administration, what to expect in the coming years for the Planet, Europe and the United States” that took place on January 29, organized by the Social Liberal Movement, in collaboration with the Individual Members of the ALDE.

We have summarized the communication of the former United States Ambassador to Portugal, Allan Katz, entitled “A Cautionary Tale”, which we transcribe below.

Likewise, you can see here the Power Point that served as the basis for the communication for Ricardo Silvestre, of the Democratas, with the title “The Trump Administration and the (fragile) gains in the fight against climate change.”

From Allan Katz:
“The result of the November elections was due to a” perfect storm “, with many factors coming together at the right time, and where if only one that did not fit together, things could have been different …)

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Europeans mobilize against Trump

As might be expected, the Europeans are beginning to mobilize against the “theater of horrors” that is coming from the White House in the United States.

Both at the highest levels of politics (in the UK, in the European Union), but also the citizens are expressing their willingness to participate in the process of showing President Trump whether in petitions or in debates.
The Individual Members (MI) of ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) held two events, one organized by MI-ALDE in Portugal, together with the Social Liberal Movement, where the Democratas were present.

The article can be read here, and echoes another meeting in Germany, where also the Trump Administration was a subject of interest.

For liberals, how to learn from 2016 and win in 2017

The year 2016 was a year that justifies the alternatives that the Democratas defend: economic and social liberalism, that can successfully combat protectionist proposals, corporations, groups installed, conservatism and populism.

Along these lines, we present an article from The Economist team that explains how to do it.

“Liberals lost most of the arguments this year. They should not feel defeated so much as invigorated.”

You can find the text here.

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