Precisamos de ti, Participa!


In the last 40 years, Portugal has lived in a bipartisan democracy that led to multiple financial rescues, which proves the failure of the government models that were followed.

The political actors who have rotated through the various positions, and functions of the State, have not been able to implement strategies for the challenges that a globalizing world poses, neither were able to respond to the wishes of multiple generations of Portuguese.

It is necessary to draw a new path, with new people, and new proposals. To create, and implement new policies, which emanates from the center of the society, listens to our citizens and strategically rethinks our country.

So, we take, on our conscience, and in our hands, the task of launching a new political solution, one that defends Portugal:

    Were the welfare state guarantees, in a sustainable way, equality of opportunity and a universal safety net, according to the economic reality of the country, refusing to transfer obligations for our children and grandchildren;
    In which we do not mortgage the future in the pursue of generating wealth in the short term. We must give to the next generations the country, and the planet, in better conditions than we have received;
    In which the economy, politics and society, in general, are free of corruption. Where citizens can know at every moment the state of their country and have the means to be heard. Also, a society were politicians respond to the citizens;
    In which individuals are inserted into a liberal democracy, with the inherent political freedom, free expression and free press freed, and where they are free to live by their standards, and not by those defined by other individuals, organizations or State;
    Where citizens can build their future, and not be impeded in that pursuit by the State or by society;
    In which a cosmopolitan view of the world includes international cooperation, between countries founded on respect for individual rights and freedoms. We know that the future of our country is in Europe, but we do not forget our historical and cultural ties, neither or allies.

Individual dignity and equal opportunities require the guarantee by the State of a quality education, which gives critical spirit necessary to citizenship, and also the technical skills required for success. Also, a health care and social net system are needed to guarantee the quality of life of each citizen.

All public expenditures should be covered essentially with taxes revenues, without concealment of expenditure. The State should strive to not mortgage the present in detriment of the future.

We reject economic interventionism. Simplifying the legal and fiscal system is the best aid the State can give to the economy. The State, more than strictly regulate the economy, have to create the conditions for citizens to generate wealth helping to build a better future for all and not just for some.

We believe that the moral sovereignty of the individual is the pillar to any free society. The State must be religiously neutral, guaranteeing not only the juridical equality of all citizens, but also the total personal autonomy. Principles such as freedom of expression and association, are fundamental pillars of our society.

We believe that globalization is a fundamentally positive phenomenon, extending the possibilities of all individuals to travel, work and communicate with other cultures. We have a cosmopolitan vision that builds upon ties with Portuguese abroad and with our integration in the European project. These ties are supported on democratic foundations and in the deepening of transatlantic alliance, not only military, but also commercial and economic. We advocate the gradual termination of all barriers to the movement between countries of people, ideas, goods, capital and services. Those interchanges are based on a democratic rule of law, with respect for human, civil and political rights, and the market economy.

We believe that Portugal has the potential to become a prosperous country, not exporting people, but ideas, goods and services.

And it is because of all this that we propose a new political project: pragmatic, constructive and progressive. A political project that seeks the ideas that best serve Portugal, creating solutions for a better future, that are realistic and sustainable.

Precisamos de ti, Participa!