The best President ever… lying to the American people

Introductory note. This is an opinion piece written by Ricardo Silvestre, of the Democratas.

At the time these lines are written, the President of the United States made a total of 1,628 false or misleading statements in the 298 days since he took up the position.

This gives an average of 5.5 such statements per day (!)

For those who followed the campaign process more closely in 2016 (and even before that), it was obvious that candidate Trump does not have any “impulse control”, or “think before speak” (and in this case before writing on Twitter), or even “common sense” when it comes to issuing statements.

For those who were more distracted, the first clash with a world that does not exist beyond the encephalic mass between the ears of the President of America, happened after the “controversy” of the number of people who were present at the Inauguration.

The then White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, at the behest of the President, made his first major presentation of the insanity that would be the months ahead. “Period!” he said, that the number of people present for the Inauguration had been the greatest ever.


How is it possible to be so unconscious? Only in a universe where Trump is the center of existence.

And how can on try to make a Trump supporter live in the real world?

When someone like Kellyanne Conway told Chuck Todd at Meet the Press, “Sean Spicer did not lie, he just gave alternative facts.”

And so, a mythology was created, that is increasingly prevalent and helps understand in what ways the President of the United States thinks and acts.

Let’s look at some examples:

He is “the greatest and best man ever and the greatest statesman ever”.
He won the Electoral College with a historic victory. He would have won the popular vote if not more than 3 million illegal voters. His presidency was the one that did more for the country. Tax cuts are the biggest ever. In China they never received a foreign statesman as he was received. USA never had such a strong economy, so many jobs returning to the United States. And you’ve never seen a man so intelligent, who hires only the best people possible, and who has “but better words”. Someone who knows more than Generals or economists.

“Look at all the things I’ve done,” which did not really exist or was not responsible for happening.
It was because of him that automobile companies did not move factories to Mexico (when it had been agreed upon during the previous administration). That was because of it that NATO created an information department (when this had been decided much earlier). That it is responsible for North and South Korea to be in contact (when the only thing that has done is to undermine the work of the State Department that is responsible for diplomacy). It is because of him that economic indicators and unemployment are strong, although it is still a result of the decisions taken in the Obama Administration (and, at the time, the opinion of the then candidate Trump was that those indicators were not to trust, since were being cooked).

“I was the first to think about it and I know better than anyone else,” however ridiculous it may be.
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican (many people did not know that), the expression “Fake News” did not exist before, or “prime the pump”. Plans to eradicate ISIS would take 3 months to complete. Agreements with China needed to be renegotiated, as did NAFTA and TPP, the US embassy in Israel needed to be moved to Tel Aviv. It is only he who knows that there was no large-scale computer attack in the American elections, although 17! Government agencies have already expressed it (and proved). All of these examples (and others) though everyone says that the opposite true, and the President was (is) wrong.

“I just make s#it up”, and others clean the mess.
President Barack Obama was responsible for “Wire Tapps” at the Trump Tower. President Obama released prisoners from Gitmo (when it was George Bush). Obama created (with the help of Hillary Clinton) ISIS. Obama gave $ 150 billion to Iran (when it was money that belongs to the country but was retained). Obama never called or visited families of soldiers killed in combat. Hillary Clinton made collusion with the Russians for …. (losing the elections?). The FBI and DOJ should arrest Hillary for… (nonexistent crimes). Hillary “sold” uranium to the Russians … Whoever stole the Democratic Party e-mails may have been a 400 pound person who lives in a basement … Obamacare is imploding (false) and as such it is necessary to save people from a health system that increased the number of people insured. The United States is the country where there are the highest taxes for companies … etc, etc, etc.

This is the world of schizophrenia that the United States (and by default the rest of the world) lives now.


There is a solution, but the members of the Administration are too cowardly, or the Republicans in power too compromised or just accomplices.

Let’s hope 2018 brings a new reality, and especially that this compulsive liar is sent to some place where his lies do not harm anyone.

(This Op-Ed is from the responsability of Ricardo Silvestre)