Impeachment it´s a possibility

Introductory note. This is an opinion piece written by Ricardo Silvestre, of the Democratas.

In the downward spiral that has been the last days (last few weeks, last months) of the Trump Administration, there is an observation that is constant, and absolutely astounding … President Trump thinks he is untouchable, and that nothing can, or will, to happen. Not only is he “confident” about it, he is even astonished when someone thinks or acts otherwise.

No wonder that the dismissal of James Comey, Director of the FBI has been a roll of poorly-told stories, mock intentions and obstruction of procedures, and ultimately, of justice.

Some examples.

The New York Times reported that days before he was fired, James Comey had asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) a significant increase in resources for the investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election. Of course this was “not going to be accepted” by the Administration, or even by the DOJ, since Jeff Sessions, the head of the Department was … one of the members of the Trump campaign.

Speaking of Sessions, which should have no bearing on these cases, since he “recused” from any decision to do with the Russian investigation and the elections (for having lied, under oath in the Senate session for confirmation) The New York Times, by Michael Schmidt reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “had sought reasons” to dismiss Comey since last week, finding a totally ridiculous explanation where Comey “should be fired” for mishandled the investigation into the e- mail story from Hillary Clinton … a matter closed since last year

Politico’s Josh Dawsey wrote that Trump “was getting furious with the Russian investigation,” a fury perhaps more pressing because the investigation was getting “closer” to the White House. That was reinforced when Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt that “When I decided to do [Farewell Comey] I said to myself,” this thing from Russia and Trump, this is an invented story. ”

The President of the United States can´t dismiss an attorney general, or the Director of the FBI, or dismantle a court, or  change the rules of American democracy because he “thinks” that something that is not in his favor is invented, or becuse he thinks it’s political persecution, or it’s fake news by the press.

In doing these things, Donald Trump is helping to write the Articles for his Impeachment. Now we just need a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate of law makers that want to preserve America, and put “country ahead of party.”

Make it so, Mr. Data.

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(This Op-Ed is from the responsability of Ricardo Silvestre)