100 days of the Trump Administration and a Democratas PT new initiative

Introductory note. This is an opinion piece written by Ricardo Silvestre, of the Democratas.

Despite being a totally artificial “milestone”  (thanks mainly to the press), the 100 days of any Administration in the White House has served as a barometer, even if very early, of how the Presidency is running, as well as the governance of states United States of America.

It is already well known our opinion (Democratas PT) of Mr. Donald J. Trump. But now, after these 100 days, and using an expression from our American friends, we feel like saying “well … I told you so” (not in the opinion of Donald Trump – and his voters – who instead say “no Administration has done more in the first 90 days”).


Crédit to Pat Byrnes of the New Yorker

These early months of Trump’s administration have been calamitous, from the most ridiculous (acts of aggression during the ingestion of chocolate cakes) to truly troubling (an “armada” on route to the Korean Peninsula, confirmed by the President, White House Press Secretary, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. HR McMaster, when the “armada” was headed for Australia, and apparently no one in the Administration knew that.)

In addition to the resounding political defeats, for example not being able to present a credible new Health System (and the consecutive situations of Republicans not being able to repeal the American Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), of not having the money to build the “Wall” on the southern border, which may even lead to the shutdown of the Federal Government, or to have failed to pass the Executive Orders to prevent the entry of migrants from certain countries or refugees, or to not have yet approved a new IRS code. However, there is a lot more to point out, from the disaster that has been the Trump Administration.

The Democratas PT want to do provide a “public service,” and we list a set of decisions, and intentions, that together, or even separately, would be enough to trigger the “Articles of Impeachment” (other than the House of Representatives, and the Senate, being under Republican rule – but let’s hope thats changes sson).

So, we’re introducing a new initiative, a Facebook page that it is the Democratas PT contribution to help build the momentum (even if at a distance) to see Donald J. Trump out of the White House, as quickly as possible.


facebo You can follow the Facebook page here.

Without further delays, we present some examples on the part of the Administration;

It has attacked the fiduciary rule in the Department of Labor, which requires financial advisors to act in the best interests of their clients (notably in retirement plans).

It has supported Republicans in Congress in an effort to cut taxes for millionaires, who are now one of the financial systems supporting the Affordable Care Act, or ACA.

Presented a tax plan that greatly reduces the tax burden on the millionaires, raising taxes on the middle class.

Presented proposals for budget cuts that would devastate rural America, from programs that support rural jobs, housing, infrastructure, health, and economic development.

Other budget cuts threaten loan funds for investment in distressed communities. The proposed budget would eliminate the Community Development Finance Institutions Fund, of the US Treasury Department, which provides billions of dollars of funding for disadvantaged communities.

Although he has often promised to disclose his IRS, the President of the United States refuses to do so, saying that this does not interest the American people, when polling after polling shows that a majority of Americans do not agree with that decision.

Proposed a cut of $ 6.7 billion for housing and community support programs. President Trump’s budget eliminates the Community Development Grant, which is used by 1,265 local communities for major initiatives such as Meals on Wheels, neighborhood rehabilitation, affordable housing development, training in new ways Work and private business expansion.

Appointed an administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that denies scientific evidence of climate change. Scott Pruitt told the press he did not think carbon dioxide was the main contributor to climate change.

Eliminated pollution rules for power plants, and oil and gas facilities. President Obama has set the first carbon pollution standards for factories, and the first methane standards for oil and gas drilling facilities. President Trump signed an executive order that initiated the process of nullifying these pollution standards.

Proposed that EPA water protection programs to be canceled, as well as executive orders that allow coal companies to deposit toxic waste, such as mercury and arsenic, into public rivers.

Anti-bribery rule were revoked, to the delight of the oil industry. President Trump has eliminated an anti-corruption rule that required oil, gas and gas companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.

Changed rules for the protection of the environment, and of wild animals, from lead poisoning. Interior Secretary, Zinke, reversed a ban on using lead bullets to hunt wild animals, which can poison water and animals. And in another, utterly incomprehensible case, Trump took away the protection of mothers of black bears, and their cubs, from being shot down … while they are hibernating.

Signed an executive order nullifying the “social cost of carbon”. President Trump thus determines that climate change (which he does not believe, believes, or is a “Chinese invention”) has no cost, eliminating a critical metric used to measure the benefit of cutting carbon pollution.

Unlike the Obama administration, the current administration has made the list of people who have access to the White House secret.

Two “Executive Decisions”, to prohibit Muslims from a set of seven countries and mainly Syrian refugees from being banned from entering the United States, were both annulled by federal courts for breaching the First Amendment of the Constitution (creating a wave of protests in America).

emig ban

Threatened to take out funding for Sanctuary Cities, which was also overturned by a federated judge.

He pledged to overturn the Johnson Amendment, which prevents nonprofits – including churches – from endorsing political candidates.

It signed a law that weakens the background check system for buying of firearms, and that allow individuals with severe mental illness to obtain a license to carry a gun

Tried to repeal the ACA. This repeal meant that 24 million people would be without health insurance. Not happy, the Administration has been trying to make the number of people who want to enroll in the ACA decrease, making entry into the system increasingly difficult.

heakt care

Withdrawn Title X funding. Trump has signed a bill that allows states to block Title X funding. This funding provides critical reproductive, education and counseling services, related to family planning and contraception to 4 million women per year. It also reintroduced the Global Gag Rule, which prevents recipients of US foreign aid from receiving any information, referral, services, or advocacy regarding abortion.

Proposed cuts in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, with a reduction of 50 million in funding. And in a clear attempt to appease the extremist religious right, it has promised to withdraw all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which annually helps about 5 million women with reduced financial standing.

Yet one of the most disturbing things about President Trump is the ability to lie, blatantly, without any justification, without any benefit, be it political or strategic, in a truly ridiculous way.

That happened, for example, and right at the beginning of the Administration, with the question of the number of people present at the Inauguration.


Then it continued with the burlesque preposition that the difference of almost 3 million votes for candidate Hillary Clinton, was because of illegal voters (something was repeatedly asserted by Republicans as unreal), or that won the Electoral College by a large majority, when it was a tight win.

Accused President Obama of having ordered the Trump Tower in New York to be taped (or tapped, as he put it), After that made the accusation that the British did it), when the FBI, NSA, and CIA repeated multiple times that this had not happened. Later accused Susan Rice of illegally “unmasking” Americans, who had been caught up in criminal conversations with Russian agents, which proved to be untrue. Also during the campaign, the candidate said that it had been President Obama and the Secretary of State Clinton who were “responsible” for the creation of ISIS.

After spending months urging, and then criticizing, President Obama over Syria, it attacked Syria at a fort opportunity, and with few results, once the Syrian airbase was operational the next day.

Or when he lied, saying that the National Security Agency, and the FBI, had told Congress they had not found any Russian influence in the electoral process, which did not happen.

That Sweden had suffered a terrorist attack, when that did not happen.

That the homicide rate in the USA is the highest in 47 years, when it is the lowest.

That was against the Iraq war from the start, which is evidence to the contrary.

And many more examples, which would make this article take a week to read.

Which way from here?

There may be two avenues for an impeachment process of the President of the United States. Before that, it is necessary that in 2018, the Democrats win the House of Representatives, and the Senate. If this happens, Democrats can start the process of writing the Articles of Impeachment. True, there needs to be a super-majority in the Senate, but there may come a time that Trump’s presidency is so “toxic” that even Republican Senators can join a Democratic majority.  There is already a precedent, which led to the resignation of the President in office.


What reasons can be so inescapable, so scandalous, so devastating, to the image of the Administration, which can lead to such a measure?

Two deserve to be mentioned, and require permanent attention from the Representatives, Senators, the press, and of course, the ordinary citizen.

The possible collaboration with the Kremlin to undermine, boycott, and ultimately corrupt the American election to the presidency, with prejudice to the Democratic candidate. This can be considered an act of treason.

Then there is the obvious, blatant, blatant corruption of the Trump family in an illicit (and immoral) use of the Presidency’s position. If it is proven that the President has abused his position and has received favors from foreign governments, Emoluments Clause exists that can make the President be accused of a “high crime”, which is also a ground for Impeachment.

In the Democratas PT, we are going to remain vigilant, and continue to expose the disaster that is the Trump Administration, and the risk it poses to the United States, Europe, and the world.

(This Op-Ed is from the responsability of Ricardo Silvestre)